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Thursday, June 21, 2012

YES!! Officially Done with School!!

Well you know how I posted about being done with school, well I was just done with exams and with real classes, but now I am officially done! Yes! Well what do I do now? Look at the other post:

Well because I am done with school, I have decided to do a post about my school.

My school is located in the West Jerusalem area close to a very main, modern street with a nice mall. The school used to be a hospital back in the days that was a Christian hospital that's goal was to convert the Jews to Christianity through this hospital.

The grading at this school is very different from Centennial back at home in Provo, we are graded on four different criterion's and the final grades are out of 7 and is very confusing.
The schedule at the school is completely weird and completely thrown around.

You might have to click on it to get a closer look and too see all my classes.

The people in the school are from all over, hence the fact that it is an international school! :) Most of the people are super nice and very welcoming, but there are lots of issues with swearing and immodesty so that is hard. That is one of the reasons why the students were like a life saver to me is because there standards are like mine! :)

The teachers are pretty good, it is a grade higher so it was harder than seventh grade but I would say that the teachers in Provo are a lot beter than the ones at TheAnglican International School in Jerusalem!

The school is really expensive, but we didn't have to pay, the church paid and so it is a really great privilege. Also because it is so expensive they go on lots of trips and they do lots of fun things, like the Galilee trip two days ago! The trip probably would have costed a lot of money!  
The elementary playground

The Hallway

Up on the second floor balcony

This is down in the garden, shown above!

This special basketball court was where I played basketball everyday! :) Such great memories, where I Jimmered everyone!

At the school on the Snow Day!

SO much fun!

My school is really cool, fun and lame (because its school! :P)


SO happy to be done!!

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