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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jordan! الأردن

So.... I got to go to Jordan!!

So my parents let me go with the students to Jordan!!

Day 1: Arriving, a few sites and first hotel.

We got our bags ready and headed to the border, it took a little time to get over, but then we made it and went to a few sites and it was super hot!! But it was a great day!

Beautful sunset on the way to our hotel at Petra
Day 2: Petra!! (the best day ever!)

So today was the big amazing day, PETRA! Finally! After seeing tons of pictures and hearing tons of fun stories I finally got to go! That place is absoulutely amazing!! Completely blew my mind! It is so huge! And to think how many people lived there and all the amazing architecture and art that they accomplished! I basically went everywhere, went to the Treasury, the Monastery, a high place that had a view of like everything and lots of other places!

Elepant, at Petra, it was huge!

The Treasury!

Sitting on a really, really cool rock!

In front of the Monastery

Really pretty colors!
It was a big drop!

A heart. With the one who stole my heart!

Lots of stacks of stones, they were meant to mark the trail but in this soit there were 100 of them!

In front of the Monastery

On a camel!

Going out of the Siq

We then went to a Crusader castle right after Petra and we were all really tired but it was still fun and cool.
The beautiful Rachelle posing by the gate of the castle!


Shubak Castle!
Then we drove a long ways to the hotel that we were staying at in A'mman. The hotel was really nice and cozy. But we went out in to the city for a little bit and it was tons of fun, on Rainbow street! :) Then I hung out with the students the rest of the night at the hotel. My two favorite pics of the day!


View of A'mman at night!

My two favorite pics of the day!
The Siq

Me on a camel in front of the treasury!

Today was litterally the best day of my life!!
(but I am still sore and tired a few days after!)
Day 3: Jerash, Temple of Hercules and more fun! (and A'mman!)
Today was another amazing day!! We first went to the A'mman citadel which was pretty important through time, then near the same complex was the Temple of Herucules and we went there, cool place. Then we went to the amazing city of Jerash! I was so amazed by how big it was and how many columns there were! But I liked it a lot and it was lots of fun! Then at night I again went out with some students to Rainbow 'road' (mariokart) and had lots of fun!

A huge theater that we went to the next day

Hercules' Hand

Temple of Hercules

Jabbok River

Entry way to Jerash

The HUGE city of Jerash!

A big theater at Jerash
Group pic in the theater at Jerash

Me and Mckenzie in the same theater

Me and Melinda!

Another group pic!
Day 4: Theater, Jordan River, and leaving! :(

So today we were still in A'mman in the morning, we went to the huge theater shown in the other pictures, went to the Jordan river baptismal site, had a cool experience there and then we went across the border into Israel and arrived at our home, the wonderful JC!
In a smaller theater, right by the bigger one below.
We actually went to this, it was huge! And SO cool!!
Me on my throne watching some shows at the theater
Then we went to the Jordan baptismal site, it was really great!
And then it ended, we crossed the border, we were in Israel, now for only a month and a half!
What a trip! What a life! What a world!