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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shavout/ Pentecost

Today is Shavout which is the day marking the 50 days after Passover and lots of Jews gathered at the Western Wall (and all around the world) and read the Torah (basically The Old Testament in Hebrew) all night long! So cool! I didnt actually get to go to this, but it is cool!

Today is also Pentecost, for lots of Christians, it is when the spirit came down upon the Church in an upper room in Jerusalem during the "Feast of Weeks" (Jewish Shavuot). (It is actually lucky that these two things are on the same day)

We got to hear a very amazing sermon by our school headmaster! It gave us a very great picture on what happened and it was very interesting and he used a lot of great metaphors and he explained it very well. He is the one on the left in one of the pictures below!

If you look in Acts then you can read all about it and I had no idea this is what it meant in Acts by Pentcost, so cool!

"And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance." (Acts 2:1-4)

A very cool setup!

In front of the Christ church

We got some pizza after!

Such a great day!

Josh's Basketball Camp! :) and Synagogue visit.

So Josh has to do a project for school and he decided to hold a basketball camp, we only got 3 people from our school that don't live in the center. It was really fun!

Lots of fun!

We did a lot of drills and games and shooting competitions and even one-on-one games tournament

Im going to miss this green court!

I have had so many shots like this one, lots of hard work, determination, sweat and even tears on this green court, Im going to miss having a court in my home just a floor above me! I love basketball!

Synagogue Visit
So as a field trip the students go to a synagogue and me, Josh and my Mom and Dad went with them. We went to a very cool synagogue and we got to see a service and they read from the Torah, which is basically the Bible but in lots of Hebrew symbols and characters in a scroll. They were also bringing in the Sabbath so that made it a little more special, it was very cool!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arab Culture Night: Last Round (The Best One)

Oh, what times! Already the last time! :( Well at least it was the best! We first started with The Call to Prayer demonstration, so cool! They first recite some things from the Quran and then they chant, they don't sing or speak, they use special vocal sounds. Then we went to dinner, pretty similar to the last two semesters, but again better, right!? ;) Now, the fun! Dancing, like an Arab but this time was better because we know one of the dancers really well, he is on the basketball team we pay with and me and Josh are best buddies with him! Well at the end of the Arabs teaching us how to dance, one of the students, AJ decided to give them a nice treat and we taught them how to dance like Americans! Then it turned into an amazingly fun Dance Party! :)

My table, sitting by Brooke and Josh is sitting by Michelle.

The Arab Oasis! :)


Me and Devery! Love her so much!

What pretty girls!

What a fun night!

Fun in the JC! :) My Home...Forever.

I love my home! The BYU Jerusalem Center (also known as the JC) is an absolutely amazing building and I am very satisfied with the architectures work! It is where I train and play basketball and where I sleep at the same time! Although I feel like I spend more time playing basketball then sleeping! Haha my Mom would agree, that's what you get for having students in your home and they stay up super late! :) Speaking of students, I love hanging out with the students, they are so much fun and they are such great examples. I love going out on the grassy area on the 7th floor and reading the scriptures and pondering and I also just love being outside on the grassy area, it is so nice and peaceful. But the most important thing about my home is, my family, I love my family and although we can act like normal brothers and sisters and tease each other, we have so much fun being with each other and we all love each other! <3

Our Floor!

Looking down from our floor to the lower levels

Looking to the right on our balcony (the flowers look absolutely amazing right now!

Lookin down on the left of our balcony

Looking down below on the eigth floor

Where we have church!/ the auditorium

Just look at how beautiful this grassy area is, I love being out there!

What a wonderful view!

 There is a post on what the inside of our house looks like:

Now, Fun! :

So we built a fort in the students lounge and it was called Tel Rowdy and it is a very special archaeological site! Here it is:
Haha someone made this :)

Me with The Tel Rowdi!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yes... I read a book..hasnt happened in a while.. haha. But now that Summer is getting closer I am getting more time and I have started to read more. The main books I have been reading are books that are compiled of talks that were given by different general authorities or others, during General Conference or BYU firesides. I was first introduced to these books by my best bud, Brookie Cookie, I first read a few talks by Sister Holland and I was immediately hooked! My favorite so far is by Ezra Taft Benson: Beware of Pride, it is like the talk of all talks, you guys should read it, it is amazing, it will keep you watching what you are doing and saying in your day to day things. Life is a dream, the church is true, I love my life!

Mother's Day, the cutest Mom in the world! :) :)

I love my Mom, she is the best Mom in the world. Thanks to her and her marrying my lovely father, I could be here and live such an amazing life and to come to Jerusalem and have all these experiences. She is super nice and super loving to everyone especially to all her kids. She is also a really great teacher and she always reminds me of who I am and how I should act. She is so great and I love her to death, I love her more than basketball! :)

Reasons Why I love my Mom and things she loves:

1. She loves her husband to death and nothing can change that!

They are so cute!! :)

2. She loves the students/everyone!

This is on her birthday, haha I love this!
3.This is not exactly a reason, but another love, she loves being part of the faculty here at the BYU Jerusalem Center and she loves the branch and its members!

At a Mosque
4. She is soooooo much fun!

Snorkeling with my Dad!
Yes, this picture does fall under the fun category :)

5. Most important reason: She loves her family and nothing, nothing can change that, ever! And we are sealed together for time and all eternity, so nothing can take away our family and her love for her kids. We always like to tease with her, that we love her most, but she always says, nope, not possible and yep, I think she loves us the most!!

She loves being a missionary Mom!

And there are more reasons why she is the greatest but all I know, she has so much love for everyone and everything. I love my Mom to death!