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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventure, Code: Soaked

Today, I got to go in the city, only problem was that it was poaring. First we went on the Rampart's, where you can walk on the old city walls.The weather was pretty good throughout the walk, then afteer the walk we went to the YMCA tower and went to the Carillon Bells. After the Carillon Bells the weather got terrible, it was poaring and super cold. We then went to Sheban's and bought and I bought a BYU Jerusalem Sweatshirt and I found out later that the J and the E were coming off, super mad about that. But after Sheban's we went to Omar's and Jimmy's and found out that Jimmy made a Jimmer olivewood statue (Sheban, Omar, and Jimmy are all shopkeepers that kind of support our program here in Jerusalem, they are very trustworthy.) After all the shops we went home through the poring rain, with huge puddles and thunder and lighting, it sure was fun.
This is the Jimmer olivewood statue (doesnt really look like Jimmer)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Easter Goal

A thought came to my mind (propably the Holy Ghost) about a week ago, if I could read one chapter a day until easter and then on Easter read about the holiday. So I looked in the topical guide looked at all the scriptures and found out that there is a chapter on the Resurrection in each of the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It was about a week ago so there was like 81 days til Easter and there were 84 chapters other than the 4 in each of the gospels. So I am caught up in my reading and I have read the three extra chapters and am now reading one chapter a night after I write in my journal. (when I get to the chapters on Easter in each of the gospels I will skip over them)

Cold Desert

I got the oppurtunity to go on a fieldtrip to Ne Gev with the students, it was really fun and interesting, the only problem though is that it was the desert.

First we went to Lakiyah, which was a Bedouin weaving place

One of the ladies there demonstrating
  were they showed us how they weaved and talked about their lifestyle

Talking during the presentation... uh-oh

The Herbal Tea that they gave to us, it was pretty interesting tasting

Then we went to Tel Arad, which was a Canaanite and Israelite City, and it was really cool, on the lower part it was a Canaanite city and then on top of the hill was an Israelite fortress.

One part of the Israelite fortress

This is the temple that they bouilt in Tel Arad mostly made so that the miltary forces in the are could have a place to worship, this temple had a holy of holies and an altar.

We then went to Avdat, which was a Nabataean city which was a trade city along a trade route that started at Petra, called the Incense trail.
The Nabataean City

Then we went to the Ben Gurion tomb place with an amazing over look. Ben Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel and was seen as the father of Israel, just like George Washington in America. It was a gorgeous view.

Another group picture (only Harper's class though)

We love each other (can't you tell)

What a view!

Joshua fought the battle of..... Banana Land

A couple days ago, me and my family went to Jericho, except we didnt go around and see all the cool sites in Jericho, we went to Banana Land, a very fun amusement park that yes does have banana trees in it. It had lots of different rides varying from Go- Karting, Bumper Cars, Paddle Boating, and Camel Riding.

Super fun bungee Jumping? couldnt figure out the name to this


Got to ride a Camel!

Bumper Cars

Some of the group from the branch that came

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Students!

About ten days ago the new group of students made the long journey to the Holy land, and i cannot get away from them, I have hung out with them every single night that they have been here. I am so happy that they are here and they helped me get over my hunger for students.

The first group picture of propably many

We played lots of fun get-to-know you games

I love Sarah Bradshaw and Bryson, and Maddie McCann(Dah!)