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Saturday, June 9, 2012

14 years old!

Oh my goodness! I am 14! Stake dances!......uh-oh... Haha I had a very amazing birthday! I first went to school. Normal day, except it's Joe's birthday was an excuse in all our classes to do nothing! Then I came home and was kind of swarmed by students hugging me and telling me happy birthday. Never have I ever been soooo annoyed by one phrase so much, haha jk.

Then we had dinner at my favorite Shawarma place, I think it is cool to have your birthday and to eat shawarma, in Jerusalem! SO cool!

Then I came home and went straight to an iPod dance party that was designed by me and the amazing Devery. It was a blast so much fun! One of the best things ever! An iPod dance party is where you listen to a certain song (or songs) on earphones and you dance to it. So people not listening to the song is watching someone randomly dancing, but to the person dancing there are listening to music and dancing. It is so much fun and so fun to watch!

Then we had cake and I heard the happy birthday song for the millionth time and the cake was amazing..thanks Mom! :)

Then I got to do the thing that I love most and that is: Play Basketball! I played really well, maybe because of birthday luck, but me and Josh think it is the Arab haircut! :)

Then as I was getting into my bed I noticed something under my pillow and it was... ....... ....all the notes that the students right up in the Oasis! I was already pondering on what an amazing birthday I had just had and it made it 2x better! So great, I love the students!

But really one of the main things that really made my birthday so special and great was the letter from my missionary brother! It was a song card so when I opened it I heard: "Celebrate good times! Come on!" Haha so great, that made me really happy. But what he wrote made me extremely happy and it was just so great to know that he still loves me and that he thinks about me. I love my brother!

Here are some pics from the amazing day! :

We went all around the center, but my Mom only got pics outside

Just dancing away!

Group pic! So much fun!

They were big candles!! :)


And another amazing Jerusalem sunset... <3

 What an absolutely amazing birthday!

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