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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Oh.. Galilee propably one of the best places on earth, so beautiful, where Jesus walked on water and really  showed how to have true faith. Propably the best 4 days of my life in this amazing place.

What a beautiful sunset

I think I might have enough faith to walk on that water with the scriptures in my hand

The nice little apartment we stayed in at the Kibbutz

Saturday- Went as a family to the Be-attitudes (the mount of the beattitudes)

The church at the mount of the beattitudes

At the Beattitudes

Sunday- went on a fieldtrip with the students this picture was taken at the lookout on Mt. Tabor

The Church on Mt. Tabor

At the Christian church: Nain

At the Christian church: Nain

At the Yardenit Baptismal Site at the Jordan River

At Gan Ha-Shelosha "hot" springs

At Gan Ha-Shelosha "hot" springs

The last day in Galilee, swam in the sea for like 3 hours and played ultimate frisbee in the water

The beautiful sunset on the last day of Galilee

Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is nothing like....

 There is nothing like a beautiful sabbath afternoon with the sun shining, a cool breeze, a comfy chair and reading about the Sea of Galilee at the Sea of Galilee

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Move

Making the move to another country is not exactly the easiest thing, especially when you are there for a whole year. You have to pack enough things for a year, pack everything away in your house and make sure that your house will be ok while you are gone. Oh, and find a place for your dog to live, for a year! When the days started getting closer everyone was getting stressed on getting everything ready. The last night before coming was the most frantic and long night of my life, i didn't get any sleep which did cause me to gt sick in New York and we ahd to get every last bit packed. Then in the morning we went to the airport and ended up missing our flight! But we got another flight and eventually headed towards New York. We then spent 5 days in New York going to all the church sights and staying in a really nice house. Although I had strep when I was there. After the 5 days were over we got on our really long flight to the Holy Land. When we got here it was a humongous culture shock and then we finally settled down into a really comfortable state which we are now in right now after 3 months.

The First 3 Months in the Holy Land

In Front of the JC

At Garden Tomb

Right before going into Hezekiah's Tunnel
At Mager Square

Eilat- Red Sea

Me and my date.....8 year difference is nothing at all


In front of the Bell Caves

In the Bell Caves

In the Bell Caves
With the awesomest guy ever -Bagdaddi

teaching the little preschoolers english- Reading them books and playing games

Magnum Bars!

At the Herodian

On top of an "ancient column" at the Herodian


In front of the church at the Garden of Gethsemane

In front of the church at the Garden of Gethsemane

In front of excavation dating back to Jesus's time, otuside of the Temple Mount

My Mom's Birthday

Sillly picture!

At Orson Hyde Park