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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun on the 7th Floor Balcony!

So our family made a vow that we were going to watch the sunset (on the seventh floor balcony, most of the time) every night! So we started Thursday night, the first sunset after school was out and we haven't missed a night (3 nights) But going up there is lots of fun, it is lots of fun playing around in the grass, but most importantly, most of the students are usually up there so it is so fun to be around them! Here are some fun pics from our first few days of our goal:

Some singing (Marissa and Melia playing on the grass in the back)

SO much love!

:) This picture makes me soooo happy! :)
 Jumping pics!!

SO cute!

What special and fun moments! Life is good!!

(There propably will be more pictures coming for more days)

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