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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finishing my Easter Goal, but, the whole thing!

So, as of last night, I finished the New Testament!!! As some of you may remember, I made a goal in January to read one chapter a day til' Easter and then read the four resurrection chapters on Easter and I accomplished that and it was really great, really cool experience. Then I decided to continue reading the New Testament and I made a goal to finish it before I go back and so I did that and last night I read the last chapter of the New Testament! :)

The scriptures are so amazing, the true word of God!

Galilee If I Forget You! (second week)

Day 7 (Sunday)
Chilled again!! Not doing much! Just swimming and eating and sleeping and hanging out with the students!

Day 8 (Monday)
I went on a fieldtrip! We went to Mt. Tabor, Nain, Megiddo and Gan Ha-Shelosha. Mt. Tabor is one of the traditional sites of the Transfiguration. Megiddo is where some people believe armeggedon is going to take place, the end of the world battle! Then Gan Ha- Shelosha is a spring that we got to swim in, so much fun!!
I love my parents!

My Parents did an FHE lesson for the students

Chilling with the students <3

Day 9 (Tuesday)
Went on another fieldtrip with the students. We first went to Hazor, the biggest tel in Israel. Then we went to Dan a very large Old Testament city, very fun and cool. Then we went to Ceaserea Phillipi, very cool. Then we went to Nimrod's Castle, one of my favorite places, it is complete castle that you can run around in! :) Then we went to Har Bental, which is an army outpost that outlooks Syria, very cool. Super duper fun day! With a bonfire and fun at night!

The view from Hazor


At Tel Dan

Beautiful Wading Pool at Tel Dan

The super nice water at Tel Dan!

Caananite Gate




Paradise at Tel Dan!

The Pooh Bear Tree!

Fun on the bus!

Ceaserea Phillipi

Michael with a fig leaf

Nimrod's Caslte

I hung out with Chloe a lot that day!


:) With michael

Going down into the bunker at Har Bental

Watch out!

The view from one of the little windows in the bunker

Where should I go?

With Chloe


Day 10 (Wednesday)
Went to Chorazin, Sepphoris and Akko. It was a really great day, Akko is one of my favorite places, it is a crusader city, that is pretty much all still there! It was the center of the crusaders after Jerusalem. Then after the fieldtrip went to the fireside by Brother Harper and it was really great! Then I hung out with the students.


With our favorite Natalie!

Super cool pic!

I love my family!

Sepporhis, the cool mosaic of the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee"

Papa Hunts and J Rowdy! :)

Akko, in the Knights hall.

Day 11 (Thursday, the last day)
So for our last day in Galilee, We had to say goodbye, I had to say goodbye for a little while, I have had so many amazing memories in Galilee, I have had lots of cool spiritual, maturing experinces in this beautiful place and I will miss my beautiful sea and view! :( Well we first went to  then we wnet to Haifa the cemetery there where some LDS missionaries were buried after serving in Haifa. Then we saw the view of the Bahai' gardens. Then we went to Ceaserea Maritma, which is such a cool place!

One of the Missionaries who served in Haifa

The Bahai' Gardens



With Sarah


We got really good ice cream at Ceaserea!


Well, then we went back to the center, it was a really happy, but sad moment, goodbye Galilee, I will never forget you!

I will miss you....