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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School End of Year Trip! YoLo 2012!!

Me and Josh went on our schools end of year trip and it was super, super fun! When we arrived in Galilee, we went a very long hike in super, super hot weather!and swam at a pond on the hike. Then we drove to the resort that we were staying at and it was super, super nice! We first swam in the pool there, then we ate dinner, then I hung out the rest of the night and had fun playing around and then I got a chair and put it out in the sea and stuck my feet in the water and the water was absolutely perfect!! Not too hot and not too cold! SO nice! What a life! Haha, it was really great! Then I went to bed (kind of late...duh! I was rooming with a bunch of 8th graders!)

Then the next day we went to a ropes course which was super fun and it was up in the trees and I got to go on a zip line into the Jordan River!!!! How many people get to do that? And now I can say that I swam in the Jordan River!! Then we went White water rafting and it was pretty legit!The first 15 minutes was pretty rough rapids, but when it got calm we got out from time to time and swam around, it was lots of fun. Also close to the end there was like a 4 ft. waterfall which was loads of fun! 

The trip was extremely fun, they did a great job with it! What a fun school!


Life is great! Its summer!!

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