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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yes!!! Finally!!

Finally! I am done with exams! خلس!! Finished!no more real school! No more homework! This is the analogy that I have used for this situation: haha, I have been constipated with school work and tests for the whole year and now it is all out! No more left! Well....after that good note! ......

What happens now?

-Party! I am now going to party all day and night, especially with the students!

- More time for blogging! First, now that school is almost over I will have more exciting things happening which means,more to talk about! And also I will have more time for blogging, so all the exciting things will propably be on the blog, the only problem is that as time wounds down, I might not have enough time to blog because I need to soak it up!

-Prepare to go home! :(... but :).sad..but happy! I will now, like I said before, be doing lots of exciting things especially because I go back in less than two months! Also there will be a lot of last minute shopping and fun. I am excited to get back, but I love this amazing place!

-Lots of reading! I will now have more time to read: my scriptures, talks and just fun books! I will be finishing up my new testament reading, that I have been doing over the past 8 months! So great! And just a lot of studying of the Lord's word!

-Spending a lot of time with the family! We have had this experience as a family and I think we end as a family and try to spend as much time together as possible and we will be having a lot of fun!

- I just think these last few weeks will just be absoutly fun, fun, fun!

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