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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Jerusalem Last Days Sabbath Photoshoot!

So, my Mom really wanted to take some pictures because we only have a few days left! So we had a little mini photoshoot, but we didnt really take that many photos, so there propably will be more later!

I love my siblings!!

Oh Jerusalem, I won't forget you!

Lightrail Day 8-3-12

So my Mom got a very genius idea to ride the light rail all over Jerusalem. So for one of our last days in Jerusalem activities we went from where the train begins and where it ends up, stopping on the way at the Shuk (Pronounced Shook), a market in West Jerusalem and we had lots of fun there.

The lightrail!

The Shuk! (Shook)


Gummies! :)

Josh and Dad buying Falafel


Where we got our favorite bread that is only made on Friday for shabbot: Halla bread!

More Shuk!

Then we rode all the way back!

Super cool Graffiti near the Shuk!

I love Jerusalem!

Yad Vashem 8-2-12

So as part of our last days in Jerusalem, got to do everything day we decided to visit Yad Vashem. Yad Vashem is a holocaust museum that is very interesting because it is jewish and was done by jews. It was very sad to see everything and anything about the holocaust breaks my heart, but it was a cool experience!

In the childrens memorial. There are mirrors everywhere and five candles in the middle and with all the little lights in the reflection it makes up about 1 million and a half for each of the children killed in the holocaust. Very cool.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun Day (like normal) 8-1-12

So since the students are all studying for their final exams (hehe!) We, as a family decided to go do somethings that we havent done, but actually, I have already done them! But we first went to the Rockefeller museum which is pretty close to the Jerusalem Center and is a pretty important museum.

Walking around in the museum

Our Dad knows a lot! He is very helpful in a museum!

Me and Cute Lil' Melia talking.

Some random students showed up! :)
 Then we headed off to Zedekiah's Cave, which is very close to the Rockefeller museum. And it was a quarrie that was used for the building of the First temple. So it is pretty important and pretty large! Lots of stone coming out of that place!


Then we went to our home sweet home and me and Josh helped with the mural, still a little work to be done!

What a great day! :)