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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tower of David Museum with the Fam! 6-17-12

So like I said in my other post, I am now having a lot more time and I would be doing a lot more cool things and today, we did a very fun, cool thing as a family, we went to the Tower of David museum! Yes, the Tower of David is very different from the CITY of David. The tower of David is a big complex that is part of the Old City near Jaffa gate and the main tower used to be used as a mineret when it was taken over by the Muslims. And that is the main point of the museum, it takes you through all the different times of different people who owned Jerusalem. Has lots of fun with the fam, too bad Jerusalem is getting a little hotter!!


The observation point.

Like the best view ever, what a beautiful city!

There were lots of nice replicas

This was my favorite replica, of the Dome of the Rock.

Holding the door for my Mom! :)

The main tower is on the right.

And then we got a nice treat after.... :) Yum!

What a fun day!!

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