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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Palestinian Baptism

So from the title of this post you might be thinking that I went to an Islamic baptism, is that even possible? I actually went to a baptism at the Jordan River for a Palestinian boy. His father is Palestinian and joined the church after he married his wife. So this baptism was very special because there are barely any Palestinians who have been baptized in Palestine! It was very cool, one of the only people to be baptized in Palestine being Palestinian! And I got to be there for it! It was a really great experience!

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  1. Not sure how long you have been living in Jerusalem, but it is actually rare for a christian palestinan to not be baptized. All christian palestinians I know baptized their children.

    Your blog is slightly misleading - probably unintentionally - as it gives impression the only christian palestinians are those who converted from islam, while it is the other way around. The palestinian christians today are those who did not convert after the rise of Islam.