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Friday, April 27, 2012

New Students!! Spring/ Summer Semester's Arrival!

So the new students are here! The week in between the two semesters was a pretty hard week, but all is well now the new students are here. But don't forget about our last semester, they are still missed. So they arrived around 4:30 pm and they had a short orientation and then I got to lead my own group of 10 students around the center, giving them a tour. Then we ate dinner with them in the Oasis and then talked with a few of them and played basketball with a few of them. Met a lot of new people that first night! Then yesterday was the Orientation walk for the students and me and Josh got to take our own tour together! It went really well and it was really fun. Then I hung out with a few of them, met a few others and then went to Get-to-Know you games, and that was really fun. I can already tell that this semester is going to be great! and also really fun! My hunger for students has been feasted! :)

Me and Josh's group for the orientation walk, it was great!

At the Get-to-Know you games!