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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

So how great do you think it would be if you broke your arm on your birthday, I didn't put this in the other post for Marissa's birthday but she broke her arm, on her birthday, on April fools day.....;) Haha I didn't do any real pranks for April Fools day but I did use a lot of jokes. Yesterday I had three things so it was a big day and there wasn't a whole lot of time doing pranks, it was Marissa's birthday, Palm Sunday and April Fools Day. The best two April fool jokes were by my Mom and by the JC director Eran Hayet. So today the students are going to Eilat and they are snorkeling in the Red Sea and all of them are super excited and he was saying since there were some disciplinary issues the trip would be put off and I actually believed him, it was a really good one. My Mom when we were coming back from the Palm Sunday procession she asked the students if they wanted to take the hidden elevator and they started to follow her but there isnt a secret elevator, hahaha. April Fools day is so great and so much fun! :)

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