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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Last week with the Winter 2012 semester! :'(

Friday: I started hanging out with the students right away in the morning and then I went out into the city with a few people (Codi, Jason, and Lizzie) We went to St. James cathedral, it is one of the oldest churches in Jerusalem and it was so old that the incense was making the oil on the paintings rubbed off, it was really cool! Then we went to the Western Wall which is where all the other students were for a field trip. Then when I got home I partied with the students because they were done with finals! (finally!!)

Saturday: Went to church, gave my talk, church here is always amazing and uplifting. Hung out with some students after church, some came over and made cookies and cinnamon rolls (yum!:) Then I went to the Upper Room/ Last Supper experience which is where there is a setup like the Last Supper. We read a few scriptures (John 13-17) then we had contemplative time and I sat there for a while pondering, it was also a very spiritual experience.

Sunday: So today I went out into the city with Codi, David Frome, Annalise Harker and Crystal. We kind of just wandered around, went to King Davids hotel and we stopped at a little field my Davids tower and chilled for like an hour and a half. Then we went and got Shawarma, which is now like my most favorite thing in the world! I eat it a ton! Then I went to a party with the students and some Palestinians that they met it was really fun! Met some new people, it was really great! Then I played football in a field below the center with some students and some Palestinians. Then i hung out with a bunch of students the rest of the night.

The end of Spring Break :(

Monday: Went to school, we had a puppet show then we made our own puppets, it was one of the funnest days at school! Then when I got home I hung out with Codi, Jason, Crystal and Kyler right outside the top of the center in a field, it was really fun. Then I hung out with the students a lot.

Tuesday: Today I went to school, was normal. Then I went home and hung out with a bunch of the students. Then I ate the end of the semester BBQ in the Oasis (the cafeteria here in the JC) Then I went to the memory slide show, it was really good. Then I hung out with the students a ton then went to bed.

Wednesday: Skipped school and went out into the city with Codi, Alec, David, Crystal, Annalise. We wandered around then we wrote prayers and put them in the Western Wall it was a cool experience. Then we went to the Austrian Hospice (which is like my favorite place in the Old City) and chilled there for a while. Then we went home and talked with J.J. while he was at the airport about to leave for Boston. It was really great to hear his voice, I really miss him! Then I hung out with the students and ate dinner in the Oasis. Then we took group pictures and then said our goodbyes and they left :'( Oh that sad moment of seeing the bus with the students leaving the JC for the last time :'( I will miss them a ton but only 4 days til the next group comes.

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