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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Break: Jru style!

So my spring break was really great and I would like to give you a quick summary of what I did.
We got out of school on Thursday and I just chilled the rest of the day.

After my Holy week, which there is a post on this.I got to have some fun for Spring break.

Monday: I went on a field trip with the students. We went to Masada (which is one of my favorite places) then to Ein Gedi, then we went to the Dead Sea, had a lot of fun floating. Then we went to Gumron which is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were supposedly found. This field trip is one of my favorite field trips, it was really, really fun! Then at night I read my first chapter in Acts!

Tuesday: Today was Sarah Bradshaw's birthday love her! We decorated her door and it looked really great! We went to the Mary Magdalene church with Kirk and Maegan the we went to the teardrop church, both of those churches are really cool. Then our family went to a beach just above Tel Aviv, chilled there for a while, it was really fun. Then we ate at Moses' Burger again, but a different one in the same joint though, I love that place!
In front of the Mary Magdalene Church

Wednesday: Went to Yad Vashem which is a museum for Holocaust with our Young Mens group. They did a good job on the museum, it was really interesting, the holocaust is so sad. Then I hung out with students the rest of the day and played basketball. Today was really fun!

Thursday: Went out into the city with Rachel Bennett, Natalie, Kaytlyn, Camille. We went to the usual places. Then got home hung out with some of the students then me and Josh went to Peace Player practice, I love peace players! Then after practice I hung out with the students.

The next few days will be in a different post: The last week with the Winter 2012 semester.

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