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Monday, April 2, 2012

Palm Sunday

So yesterday was Palm Sunday and in Jerusalem (where it happened) it is highly celebrated by Christians here and they even had a procession that went from Bethpage to Lion's Gate. Palm Sunday is when Jesus got on a donkey at Bethpage and rode on the donkey into Jerusalem (into Golden Gate) and was hailed as son of David the people cried Hosanna! It was really cool to be a part of the procession and it was so interesting how deovoted other Christians are. It was an amazing experience!

Inside the church at Bethpage

Most everyone had palm leaves and we were waving them, singing and dancing, it was so fun! :)

Me with my Palm leaf

We didnt quite go all the way to Lions gate, we stopped at Gethsemane, but it was still hard and slow

I love this city so much
This is kind of what it was like the whole time we were in the procession, sing Hosanna!

This was such a great experience, I loved it so much! One of the best times of my life! :)

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