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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Youth Conference, Tel Aviv!

So last Friday, I went with the Jerusalem youth to Tel Aviv for Youth Conference! We arrived around 5 and we just chilled for a little, then the girls showed up and we had a little dinner and then we had a devotional. For the devotional we had one of the district leaders daughters talk to us about comedy and how it can make us feel the spirit. She is part of the BYU Divine Comedy club and she does a lot of funny videos and things, if you have time you should look them up on YouTube some time. She also told us that you should only laugh if you feel comfortable laughing, I thought it was a really great devotional and she did a lot of interactive things so it was really fun. Then we hung out and chilled for a little and played some games. Then the girls left and the boys chilled for a while and then we all went to bed.

So today is Sabbath we first started off the day by eating breakfast then getting ready for church. Then we went to the Tel Aviv branch meetings, it was really cool but very crowded because of all the youth. We had Sacrament meeting, then combined Sunday School/ Seminary, then we had one session of the devotion for the Youth Conference. Then we ate lunch, it was really good, then we had our second session by my lovely Dad! He did the Gospel principles that we have and what is most important game, where you have lots of different things we have (e.g. Priesthood, Living Prophet, Church callings) and we take away things one by one until we find the most important one which is a testimony of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. It made me really grateful for what we have in our church and for all that we have. Also it helped strengthen my testimony of this true church. Then we had a short break then the third session done by Professor Harper (one of the other professors here at the Jerusalem Center) it was really great and he told us to be seekers, to go out and seek and do, it was really great, all of it was very uplifting. Then we headed home and then had dinner, then socializing and fun, then we played Jeopardy with the subject being For the Strength of Youth. Then we chilled and then went to bed.

Today started out by going to the other branch home where the Young Women where staying and we ate breakfast, then we headed for the beach, picking up trash along the way as a service project. Then we swam for a little bit, had a lot of fun, then we headed back home and got in our Sunday clothes for Testimony Meeting. Testimony Meeting was great and we all had a chance to say a few words. Then we hung out for a little then me and Josh left.

Youth Conference was absolutely amazing, I loved it so much, one of the best things ever and it was great to be around youth that have the same standards as me, which doesn't happen at school.

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