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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sad goodbyes, but happy moments

So two days ago (wednesday) the wonderful Winter 2012 semester left, it was really sad, but we will see them in only four months way different from last semester with 8 months left. The happy moments of the day was going out into the city with a few of my most favorite people in the world and we got to talk with J.J!! Since he was leaving for Boston, we got to talk with him while he was in the airport. It was really  great and it was nice to hear his voice, I miss him a ton! I finally got to tell him about my Easter experience, which was so amazing. 

Our last dinner

From right to left: Aimee Sioux, Crystal Myler, Me, Codi Jameson, Alec Park, Kyler Harmon, Boone Parkinson.

Calling J.J!

Oh, we miss him!
Group Picture, Im gonna miss them! :'(
(try to find me!:)

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