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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Best Dad in the World!!

So today is March 29th my lovely Dad's birthday, he is turning 59 haha just kidding who cares how old he is turning, I just know that he is great! He taught me a ton of what I now know, he taught me how to play basketball and because of that I am super grateful and my basketball skills are all because of him. He is a professor so he knows a ton and that really helps me when I have a question on my homework. Although sometimes I disobey him and he gets mad (which is normal) I will always love him. I love my Dad so much!
Such great parents

He loves his wife
and his Family to death!

Him with the other two professors that teach at the JC (at Neot Kedumim)

The same place where he got baptized
My Dad is also like the funnest guy ever
I love my Dad so much!

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