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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day, the cutest Mom in the world! :) :)

I love my Mom, she is the best Mom in the world. Thanks to her and her marrying my lovely father, I could be here and live such an amazing life and to come to Jerusalem and have all these experiences. She is super nice and super loving to everyone especially to all her kids. She is also a really great teacher and she always reminds me of who I am and how I should act. She is so great and I love her to death, I love her more than basketball! :)

Reasons Why I love my Mom and things she loves:

1. She loves her husband to death and nothing can change that!

They are so cute!! :)

2. She loves the students/everyone!

This is on her birthday, haha I love this!
3.This is not exactly a reason, but another love, she loves being part of the faculty here at the BYU Jerusalem Center and she loves the branch and its members!

At a Mosque
4. She is soooooo much fun!

Snorkeling with my Dad!
Yes, this picture does fall under the fun category :)

5. Most important reason: She loves her family and nothing, nothing can change that, ever! And we are sealed together for time and all eternity, so nothing can take away our family and her love for her kids. We always like to tease with her, that we love her most, but she always says, nope, not possible and yep, I think she loves us the most!!

She loves being a missionary Mom!

And there are more reasons why she is the greatest but all I know, she has so much love for everyone and everything. I love my Mom to death!


  1. You are right Joe, I love you more than you love me. Thank you for the nice tribute!