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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun in the JC! :) My Home...Forever.

I love my home! The BYU Jerusalem Center (also known as the JC) is an absolutely amazing building and I am very satisfied with the architectures work! It is where I train and play basketball and where I sleep at the same time! Although I feel like I spend more time playing basketball then sleeping! Haha my Mom would agree, that's what you get for having students in your home and they stay up super late! :) Speaking of students, I love hanging out with the students, they are so much fun and they are such great examples. I love going out on the grassy area on the 7th floor and reading the scriptures and pondering and I also just love being outside on the grassy area, it is so nice and peaceful. But the most important thing about my home is, my family, I love my family and although we can act like normal brothers and sisters and tease each other, we have so much fun being with each other and we all love each other! <3

Our Floor!

Looking down from our floor to the lower levels

Looking to the right on our balcony (the flowers look absolutely amazing right now!

Lookin down on the left of our balcony

Looking down below on the eigth floor

Where we have church!/ the auditorium

Just look at how beautiful this grassy area is, I love being out there!

What a wonderful view!

 There is a post on what the inside of our house looks like:

Now, Fun! :

So we built a fort in the students lounge and it was called Tel Rowdy and it is a very special archaeological site! Here it is:
Haha someone made this :)

Me with The Tel Rowdi!

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