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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun with visitors! :)

Sunday, May 6th
We first went to Masada, one of my most favorite places in this wonderful Holy Land. Then we actually hiked down the huge mountain of Masada, in 105 degree weather. Then we went and swam in the Dead Sea, such an amazing thing, so crazy how you can just float! Then we went to Ein Gedi and the Qumran.

This is Donald's birthday, kind of before Sunday but oh well, its a good picture! ;)

Playing basketball woth my uncles and brother Crockett from the branch, lots of fun!

Wednesday, May 9th: Went to school but got out early, we first went shopping a little bit in the Old City then we went to the caves in Shephelah and also the Bell caves, such cool places. Then that night, Donald and Amy left :(

Bell Caves

Eating pizza after that amazing day!

 So yesterday: May 10th I skipped school, haha and hung out with my aunt and uncle and my parents. We first went to the Dome of the Rock, love that place, then we went to Nabi Samuel, Nabi meaning burial place and so it is the burial place of Samuel and it is really cool, the church was at one point, a mosque and is now used as a synogague so it is special to many, many people. Then I went with the students to Abdin mosque and we learned a lot about mosques and questions about Islam and it was super cool. Then the rest of the day I went out into the city and had tons of fun.

The times when they have prayers, it changes with how long the days get.

                              Life is amazing, I have loved having visitors over, so much fun! :)

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