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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Josh's Basketball Camp! :) and Synagogue visit.

So Josh has to do a project for school and he decided to hold a basketball camp, we only got 3 people from our school that don't live in the center. It was really fun!

Lots of fun!

We did a lot of drills and games and shooting competitions and even one-on-one games tournament

Im going to miss this green court!

I have had so many shots like this one, lots of hard work, determination, sweat and even tears on this green court, Im going to miss having a court in my home just a floor above me! I love basketball!

Synagogue Visit
So as a field trip the students go to a synagogue and me, Josh and my Mom and Dad went with them. We went to a very cool synagogue and we got to see a service and they read from the Torah, which is basically the Bible but in lots of Hebrew symbols and characters in a scroll. They were also bringing in the Sabbath so that made it a little more special, it was very cool!

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