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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arab Culture Night: Last Round (The Best One)

Oh, what times! Already the last time! :( Well at least it was the best! We first started with The Call to Prayer demonstration, so cool! They first recite some things from the Quran and then they chant, they don't sing or speak, they use special vocal sounds. Then we went to dinner, pretty similar to the last two semesters, but again better, right!? ;) Now, the fun! Dancing, like an Arab but this time was better because we know one of the dancers really well, he is on the basketball team we pay with and me and Josh are best buddies with him! Well at the end of the Arabs teaching us how to dance, one of the students, AJ decided to give them a nice treat and we taught them how to dance like Americans! Then it turned into an amazingly fun Dance Party! :)

My table, sitting by Brooke and Josh is sitting by Michelle.

The Arab Oasis! :)


Me and Devery! Love her so much!

What pretty girls!

What a fun night!


  1. are you suuuurreeee it was the best?

  2. Last semester's dinner was better... :) Every semester had something better about it self, just the dancing was the best!