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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Day March 12th

So we had an initial plan of going to Ein Kerem which is the area celebrated as Elizabeth and Zacharias’ summer home. There are a couple of churches there but we couldn’t figure out how to get to them. We tried to go to the Hadassah hospital where they have some really nice stained glass windows but we couldn’t find parking. So we just stopped at a random playground because we wanted to do something. After playing around for a little, we decided to go down to the reservoir that we could see. It was really fun to be down there and we had fun skipping rocks :)
This was our goal....but we didn't quite reach it.

Playing around at the playground (rhymes)

With a beautiful view

The reservoir wasn't super amazing but it was fun to be with the fam! :)

What a fun day! 
*Sorry I didn't post about this earlier, I wanted to do all my last week posts during that week.


  1. Vans are great uh! I love vans too, I got a pair for the new school year and they are great!

  2. You and your family is so cute. :) I miss you guys!