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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow? I think yes!!

Finally!! the day has come after all the days that they said it would snow, it has! We went to school but got sent home because the roads were getting bad. In previous days it has been a weird hail slush combination but today (yes there was slush and hail again) but it snowed for real! real fluffy snow!! My mo and I both took some really good pics, but mostly her, I took pictures at my school and she took pictures at the JC, enjoy!

It first started as a little hail....

Then it really started at my school

Basketball Practice today? yes

After getting home from school, we just had to have some fun.

The students got out of class to have some fun, yes in the middle of class!

Even the Dome of the Rock got in on the fun.


Meet our French snowman

What a wonderful snowday :)

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