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Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Outing to Tel Aviv- Riding Bikes and Chillen

So on during this last week I have been wanting to go to Tel Aviv and so our family decided to go on Sunday and my Mom asked me what we should do and I said we should ride bikes and what did we end up doing? riding bikes! It was a lot of fun and it was fun to be around the fam.

This is the place where we rented bikes..

Haha so you know how they say that when you are day dreaming you are in "LaLa Land" haha here ya go! I think they did a good job on making it feel like LaLa Land

Super yummy Banana shake!!
We chilled at the beach for like a half an hour

Me and Josh having fun and being ourselves on the outdoor gym that they have

We just had to ride our bikes through this fountain. Brings back the memory of my last night in Provo before I came to Israel, but both biking and playing aroung in a fountain... at once!! Miss you Louisa Eastley!

We stopped at a shop right next to the cycling place (in the left corner) Marissa by this point was very joyful and energetic...not!
I love these girls so much

We then went to Moses bar, actually we tried to find it and we got lost and right when we were giving up it popped out of the middle of nowhereThis place was non- kosher (very important to be non- kosher) so we got Bacon on our burgers!! The students showed up and it was fun to mingle with them.
This is a picture of my moms burger, me, Josh and my dads burgers were bigger, but we ate them so fast that she couldnt get a picture

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