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Monday, March 19, 2012

One of the Greatest Weeks Ever! March 11th to 18th

So, I just have to say that this week was one of the best weeks ever! I did a lot of fun things and I had a lot of fun with fun people! :)

Sunday March 11th
Today the students got back and I hung out with them a lot, I love the students so much! I went with my family to Ein Kerem which is the area celebrated as Elizabeth and Zacharias’ summer home, well we actually attempted to find it but we ended up going to a cool reservoir at the bottom of the hill and we skipped rocks! (post about this)

Monday March 12th
Went to school, ate dinner in the Oasis (the cafeteria her at the JC) then gave the FHE lesson on one of the greatest talks ever: His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox, look it up!

Tuesday March 13th
Went to school, today was pretty boring

Wednesday March 14th
Went to school, but instead of normal school our class went on a fieldtrip to Akko! It was so cool and very interesting, look Akko up too!

Thursday March 15th
Went to school but yet again had a fieldtrip. We went ice skating and we saw the ice sculptures that they had on display, there were some really cool ones, they even had ice slides that we could go down on! It was really fun! Then I had a Peace Players game, it is a really cool league that me and Josh are apart of, it is meant to bring Palestinians and Israeli's together through basketball, it is really cool and it is always fun to play basketball!

Friday March 16th
Didn't have school! Woo Hoo!! because all the roads were closed because of the marathon, which I should have been running in but Im not 15 years old yet! so dumb (I was going to do the 10k but I wasn't old enough) Friday is J.J.s p-day so we get an email from him every Friday don't forget to look at the blog full of his letters!:

Saturday March 17th
Had normal Sabbath services, hung out with students and the fam. It was St. Patrick's Day didn't quite celebrate it but it was funny because I didn't have any green Sabbath clothing so I wore my green undies! It was SJ's Birthday too, I love SJ so much! ;)

Sunday March 18th
Went to Tel Aviv and biked, had the time of my life! Chilled on the beach and had a non-kosher burger! (there is a full post on this day also)

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