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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Cutest Littlest Sister in the World!

Ok I cant believe I didnt post about this cutie pie on her birthday, she is the cutest little thing and she has such a great little spirit and I love her so much, I know she will be such a great Young women and then wife someday. And wow she is 9!! she is growing up super fast, and that must mean I am too? Sorry I didnt post about this earlier Melia!! (her birthday was on February 24th)

She loves to go out on the balcony and dance, read, think and do whatever she wants!

I swear this girl tries to be cute! :)

Our special lunch for a special girl

She had friends come over for a birthday party

They had a scavenger hunt

and a very yummy cake
We had a Just Dance party with the students, it was so fun, but I dont know where I was when this picture was taken.

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