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Friday, July 6, 2012

Lots of Summer Fun! :)

So Summer in Jerusalem is absolutely amazing!!! There is so much to do and so much fun and the students are so much fun! I have been doing a lot of fun things (sorry for the little lack of posting) But life is really good and I am doing lots of good, fun things!

A Mural that we painted down at the playground in the Jerusalem center, very beautiful, of the Galilee :)

Sneetches on the Beaches :) So my sisters and a few students and people from her Primary class performed the Dr. Seuss Sneetches of the Beaches!

The students coming over to make cookies!!


Tons of fun and love


Supper pretty girls and my beautiful Mom!


Sunday, July 1st! We went to Tel Aviv with the Slight family from the Tel Aviv branch and The Voglemans from our branch and it was tons of fun and it was great to get closer to the girls that are me and Josh's ages.

But then.... there was not exactly summer fun :( Marissa was jumping on the trampoline and came down right on her ankle, completely twisted :( It was a really sad moment and it kind of changed the mood of all of us. The next day we took her to a hospital and had her checked, but it was while me and Josh were on the Bethlehem fieldtrip with the students :) But she fractured her fibula :( Not the best thing ever, but she is getting a lot of attention which should be good for her :)

Signing time!

:) The students love her!


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