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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GALILEE!! (First Week)

SO sorry for the lack of posting, but I was in Galilee for ten days. I couldnt post in Galilee: 1. because I was having the time of my life and 2. the internet was absolutely terrible. This post will only be the first week and I will do another post for the second week.

First Day: Woke up at 5:30 and we headed off to Galilee at around 6:30! We first went to Bet Shean, which is a huge city that is part of the 10 cities of the Decapolis and is very important because of its location in the country and how big it was! Then we went to Nazareth which was very cool! )Look at pics from last Galilee trip for Nazareth) Then we went to Mt. Arbel which gives you a very beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee! Then we arrived at Ein Gev and swam in the sea and then at dinner and I chilled with the students by the beach at night. Very fun day, but very, very hot!!
My Dad giving a presentation! :)

Cute little Melia with her backpack at Bet Shean

Beth Shean
With Natalie :)

View from Mt. Arbel

First little view of the beautiful sunset

Day 2: Chilled on the beach and swam for a long time and had lots of fun relaxing! Wow, what a life!


Day 3: Went on the Sea of Galilee fieldtrip with the students. We first went on a boat ride across the sea and it was soo nice! Then we went to the Mt. of Beatitudes and it was really nice and I had some great pondering time, trying to memorize the Beatitudes. Then we went to St. Peter's Primacy which was very nice and it was right by the water and the water was sooo perfect. Then we went to Capernaum, a pretty important city! Where Jesus definitely walked! :)

On the Jesus boat yet again!

I love my family! <3


The wonderful sisterhood of our family! :)

Walking on the same water that Jesus did.
"Like Peter, we all fall, we all have to watch our step, we all need to focus on our Lord and Saviour. He will help guide us and make sure CAN'T fall"

-Joe Ludlow :)

Day 4 Thursday
 I chilled all day at the beach and did basically nothing. There was still a very beautiful sunset (like always) and I have hung out with the students near the beach every single night, so much fun!!

Another beautiful sunset!

Family Time!

Lots of fun with the students!

Day 5 (Friday)
Chilled yet again and did basically nothing, but still had lots of fun!

Day 6 (Sabbath)
Chilled in the morning and read scriptures and wrote in my journal. Then we went to church in Tiberias and it was great, then we went to the Yardenit baptismal site.

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