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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cold Desert

I got the oppurtunity to go on a fieldtrip to Ne Gev with the students, it was really fun and interesting, the only problem though is that it was the desert.

First we went to Lakiyah, which was a Bedouin weaving place

One of the ladies there demonstrating
  were they showed us how they weaved and talked about their lifestyle

Talking during the presentation... uh-oh

The Herbal Tea that they gave to us, it was pretty interesting tasting

Then we went to Tel Arad, which was a Canaanite and Israelite City, and it was really cool, on the lower part it was a Canaanite city and then on top of the hill was an Israelite fortress.

One part of the Israelite fortress

This is the temple that they bouilt in Tel Arad mostly made so that the miltary forces in the are could have a place to worship, this temple had a holy of holies and an altar.

We then went to Avdat, which was a Nabataean city which was a trade city along a trade route that started at Petra, called the Incense trail.
The Nabataean City

Then we went to the Ben Gurion tomb place with an amazing over look. Ben Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel and was seen as the father of Israel, just like George Washington in America. It was a gorgeous view.

Another group picture (only Harper's class though)

We love each other (can't you tell)

What a view!

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