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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventure, Code: Soaked

Today, I got to go in the city, only problem was that it was poaring. First we went on the Rampart's, where you can walk on the old city walls.The weather was pretty good throughout the walk, then afteer the walk we went to the YMCA tower and went to the Carillon Bells. After the Carillon Bells the weather got terrible, it was poaring and super cold. We then went to Sheban's and bought and I bought a BYU Jerusalem Sweatshirt and I found out later that the J and the E were coming off, super mad about that. But after Sheban's we went to Omar's and Jimmy's and found out that Jimmy made a Jimmer olivewood statue (Sheban, Omar, and Jimmy are all shopkeepers that kind of support our program here in Jerusalem, they are very trustworthy.) After all the shops we went home through the poring rain, with huge puddles and thunder and lighting, it sure was fun.
This is the Jimmer olivewood statue (doesnt really look like Jimmer)

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