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Saturday, December 31, 2011


After our amazing Christmas breakfast our family got packed and ready to go on vacation for  a week in Netanya! (near Tel Aviv) It was a really fun vacation and I really loved the place that we stayed at, it was one of the nicest places  I have ever stayed at. Here are a few highlight pictures of our amazing vacation, we went to Haifa, Ceserea Maritima, and lots of other places.

The building that we stayed at.
This is only one part of the amazing place that we stayed at.

The view from our balcony in the place that we stayed at

The path we always walked on to go to the beach

This sea turtle was stranded and they had to call in some people to put it back into the ocean, but if you look at the shell it has two x's and people will put x's on animals that they say are dead kind of sad

The Bahai world headquarters

Bahai shrine

The Bahai gardens are super beautiful, I'd say it definitely compares to Temple Square.
At the overlook in the Bahai gardens area

Under an arch that was a part of an aquaduct that dates back 2000 years in Ceserea Maritima

Walking on an ancient aquaduct that dates back 2,000 years in Ceserea Maritima

Planking at Ceserea

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