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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I got the wonderful opportunity to pick olives, press them, and then concecrate the oil.

The Picking-
This part of the process was pretty boring but the fact that i was with the students made it fun, and i really enjoyed it.
Picking- I was on Justin Birtchers shoulders and from left to right- Andi Jo Nelson, Jared Maxfield with Asia Rikard on his shoulders, and then Brielle Kern on the far right.
The Pressing-
This part of the process was really fun, we got to turn an old fashioned wheel to crush them then we would put the crushed olives into a presser that would squeeze the oil out.
Not a very good picture but it shows the wheel that we used to press the olives.
The Concecrating-
This part of the process was definitely the most spiritual and uplifting. Everyone got a vile of the oil that we had pressed and was to concecrate it. To concecrate oil, you have atleast two Melchizedek priesthood holders would put their hands on the vile and concecrate it by saying a prayer. It was an amazing to get my own vile of oil that i helped pick and press and it is concecrated and i can eventually use it on my mission. I didnt get any pictures of the actual concecrating but we took pictures after.

This is one picture that we took- with some of the students.

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