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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Neot Kedumim

Got out of school to go on an amazing fieltrip to Neot Kedumim, which is a biblical landscape reserve, and a very fun place. We herded sheep, we made za'atar (through pounding/crushing hissup), learned about who and how they make the tora scroll, making pita, and learning about a lot of differents plants in the bible.

Sheep herding (I'm on the far right behind the girl in the white shirt, Josh is in the light blue shirt)


Crushing hissup

Eating lunch

Making Pita (not my hands! ;)

They had lots of pretty trees, and they would stop by a lot of them and tell us about it

The ingredients for the ink that they use to make the Tora scrolls. In order to write the tora scrolls, you have to be fully worthy and you have to dedicate your life, and those people sure can write!

Another group pic (where's Waldo Jo?)

It was a beautiful garden

Lots of presentations

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