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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day ;) / single awareness day ;(

My valentine's day was great, my valentine ended up being my mom, of course, a very special valentine to me. I gave my mom a rose and a note that said: "Roses are red, violets are blue, Inti Jameela (you are beautiful in Arabic) and I will always love you" At school I had a lot of girls creeping up on me and wanting to be my valentine, it was kind of annoying... but fun ;) I ended up spending like 3 hours making cards, most of them were for the students.
This is what a very special, fun- loving person, Maddie McCann put on our door, love you Maddie

A few days before Valentine's day, some of the students came in to make valentiene's cookies. (what pretty girls)

And we had to love after we made the cookies, this is what valentine's day is all abotu: LOVE <3

Friday, the 17th,
    So there was going to be a valentine's dance with the students on valentine's day, but due to mid-terms, it got cancelled so they had it on Friday the 17th. It was a very crazy, but very fun party. I ended up slow dancing for the first time, haha, now I will be ready for stake dances ;)

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  1. Oh Joe you crazy boy!!! Love and miss you. Duces :)